Young Girls and Women BEWARE!!!
Yaakov Yagen is an alleged serial predator of young women. He lectures to all women audiences and spends a lot of his time involved in Sholom Bayis counselling. 

According to many  testimonials Yagen lures young women to his office under the guise of counselling where he uses his position of authority to engage with them sexually. Read More
                          Yaakov Yagen 
If you or someone you know is being counselled or is connected to YAGEN in any way please warn them to stay away from this DANGEROUS predator.


09/29/2013 9:15pm

your sick.

10/03/2013 11:25pm

Fake !

Mordi Kraus
10/13/2013 11:43pm

My family had a 20 something year old girl over for a meal. She related a personal incident that she experience first hand where Yagen made inappropriate advances.I wish I could say this post is fake but very unfortunately not.


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